Level Sensor

For a rational, optimized and economical collection system.

From day to day trough its automatic geolocation system, know the location of the column and its fill level to optimize its rotations.

Reduction in collection costs

More precise than statistics, information, provided in real time allows the right decision

For the convincing results :

  • Prevention of disbursements, management of seasonal peaks.
  • An average of 85 % of the fill rate instead of 50% to 60%
  • A reduction in columns, a reduction of less than 20% in the number of kilometers traveled and an increase in the lifespan of columns and ttrucks.
  • An overall production gain estimated at about 40%


For more informations, please download the file on your right.

  • File name: Level sensor
  • Size: 1.16 MB


Made In France

Last edited: 30/10/2019