Boat geolocation

Always on my boat

Because you are often away from your boat and you have no means of information about it, we have created TraceBoaT.

With my TraceBoat

I'm not aboard my boat.
I locate it.
I visualize it daily on the simple and playful interface on my phone or my PC.
I choose the mode of display: satellite or simplified map ...
I watch him and I am warned.

  • I am notified by SMS if a position is outside the zone I have parameterized.
  • Détecteurs de niveau MLSThe "tracking" makes it easier to recover in case of theft.
    In case of water damage I am notified (Sensor optional).
  • COMF BH-1/2AA-2A - BoîtierFollowing the battery status of the boat (Sensor optional)
    Runs on 3.6v battery replaceable, 3 year battery life.
    Alarm function to prevent loved ones in case of problems.

For more information download the file to the right.

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Network coverage area
Made In France

Last edited: 22/12/2016